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Young & Free Groups


Young & Free Mixed Group

Day/Time: Sundays 1:30-3:30pm

Location: 29 Secada Dr., Clifton Park

Hosts/Leaders: Ann Stanton & Jon Matthews

Ann is the administrative assistant at Starpoint and usually can be found running all over on Sunday mornings! Ann loves the outdoors…and little known fact, has tons of medical knowledge!
Jon is a PhD student in research and acoustics at RPI, and is a member of our worship team! He lives in Troy and enjoys music, video games, board games, skiing and working with his hands! He thinks dogs are cool but likes cats a lot better.

Childcare: No



Young Marrieds

Day/Time: TUESDAY, 6-30pm

Location: 1A Windy Hill, Ballston Lake, NY

Hosts/Leaders: Tom & Becca Madison

Tom & Becca have been married for one year and lately have been having some fun going on motorcycle rides, playing tennis & games, and hanging out with other young marrieds!  Join ’em!

Childcare: No

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Groups with Childcare

IDEAL FOR: All Ages & Stages

Day/Time: Sunday, 1:30-3:30pm

Location: 9 Lee Ave., Rexford, NY

Leaders: Don & Megan Seguin

Megan and Don have been married for 5 years and have 3 children. Don works as a tech support manager and loves fishing and video games. Megan works part time as a special ed teacher and stays home with the kids! She loves cooking & reading. At church, Megan serves in the nursery and sets up PALS playdates!

Childcare: Yes



IDEAL FOR: All Ages & Stages

Day/Time: Thursdays 6:00-8pm

Location: 29 Cannon Ct., Mechanicville, NY 12118

Leaders: Jim & Sheri Adams  Hosts: Britta & Chris Wallace

Jim & Sheri have been married 31 years and have 2 adult daughters. They enjoy reading, classic muscle cars, and traveling. They have served on the greeter team and currently on the lunch team for Starpoint volunteers!

They’ll be leading at the home of Chris & Britta Wallace, who have an 18-month old son!

Childcare: Yes




IDEAL FOR: All Ages & Stages

Day/Time: Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm

Location: 2 Catalina Dr., Glenville

Leaders: Rich & Kelley Johnson  Hosts: Rich & Kim Carr

Rich and Kelley have been married for 23 years and have two teenage daughters, Rachel and Katherine.  Rich is a professor at UAlbany, and Kelley is the Children’s Education Director of Starpoint and oversees the preschool and elementary programs.  In addition, Rich is an awesome small group leader and serves every week in the Planet! In his spare time, he loves coaching softball and watching science fiction.  And lastly, they both love spending time with their family and traveling!

This Group will be hosted by Rich and Kim Carr! 

Childcare: Yes





IDEAL FOR: Young Families (but all welcome!)

Day/Time: Wednesdays 5:30pm-7:30pm

Location: 570 Victory Circle, Ballston Spa

Leaders: Matt & Alicia Duling

Alicia and Matt have been married for over ten years. Alicia is an engineer and Matt stays home with their son Calvin who is almost 3 years old. Matt is a leader in our high school student ministry, and Alicia serves in God’s Growing Garden. They look forward to having you in their group!

Childcare: Yes



IDEAL FOR: All Ages & Stages

Day/Time: Sundays 4-6pm

Location: 501 Orlinda Ave., Scotia 

Leaders: Dave & Pam Petralia

Dave & Pam have been married 22 years and have 2 teenage sons. Dave’s hobbies include music & boating. Pam also enjoys boating along with shopping and reading. Dave is an engineering consultant & Pam is a special education teacher and runs an online education store. Dave has been serving on the worship team and Pam serves in our kids’ ministry!

Childcare: Yes



IDEAL FOR: All Ages & Stages

Day/Time: Tuesdays 6-8pm

Location: 11 Maple Ridge, Ballston Lake

Leader: Jacob Cornell  Hosts: Jackie & Justin Whittington

Jacob is in the Navy and has 2 wonderful children! They love the outdoors, especially hiking and camping in the mountains! Jacob volunteers in our elementary ministry as well as our student ministry!

This Group is Hosted by Jackie & Justin Whittington! Jackie will also be the female prayer/care leader!

Childcare: Yes





IDEAL FOR: All Ages & Stages

Day/Time: Fridays 6-8pm

Location: 32 Beechwood Dr., Clifton Park

Leaders: Chad & Cindy Hamlet

Chad and Cindy have been married for 9 years and have 3 kids. Chad is a 3D game artist and likes reading and 3D printing. Cindy is a former educator turned stay-at-home mom who enjoys sewing, crafting, and gardening! Together they love hosting dinners and playing cards. Cindy serves in our preschool ministry, and Chad welcomes families at our Kids Check-in area! They look forward to seeing you in Growth Group!

Childcare: Yes



IDEAL FOR: All Ages & Stages

Day/Time: Monday, 6:15-8:15pm

Location: 8 Rosewood Ct., Ballston Spa

Hosts: Chris & Donna Wright

Chris and his wife Donna have been married for 7 years and have 3 daughters. Chris is originally from Philadelphia and spent 10 years in Navy communications. Chris is a licensed associate real estate broker and Donna is an assistant teacher in Montessori education. On the side, Chris is a wedding DJ and Donna, a foodie blogger! Chris is an on-stage host during our services, and they both look forward to having you in their Growth Group!

Childcare: Yes



IDEAL FOR: All Ages & Stages

Day/Time: Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm

Location: 7 Gloucester St., Clifton Park

Leaders: Ernie & Amie Schenk  Hosts: Missy & Jeff Baumes

Ernie & Amie have been married for 27 years and have 3 children. They like to play board games, mini golf, vacation in Maine or get their city fix in Boston! Ernie is our Care Pastor, Amie serves in our elementary ministry. Together they both provide much of the counseling for our church, as well as serve on the prayer team!

This Group will be hosted by Missy & Jeff Baumes! 

Childcare: Yes







IDEAL FOR: Families with Kids Grades K-6

Day/Time: Friday 6:00-8:00pm

Location: 72 Michelle Dr., Clifton Park, NY

Leaders: Matt & Jen Schreiner

Matt & Jen have been married for 13 years. They have 2 kids (10 & 9) and enjoy home projects & kids activities. Matt is a Mechanical Engineer, Jen is Blogger and extreme couponer! They both serve on the Guest Services Team and are the brawn behind our church Landscaping!

Childcare: Yes







All Ages and Stages Without Childcare


Day/Time: Tuesday, 7pm

Location: Latham, NY *location TBD

Leader: Mark Clodgo

Mark works for ARC of Rensselaer County and loves hiking, worship events, and spending time with family. At church he is an every week volunteer in our preschool ministry! He’s excited to be leading a Growth Group this semester!

Childcare: No




Day/Time: Tuesdays, 6:30pm

Location: Clifton Park, NY

Leaders: Rich & Liz DelGrosso

Hosts: Rob & Carol Bellanti

Rich and Liz have been married 19 years and have one daughter. Rich spends much of his time working at the Glenville Post Office and taking care of his goats and chickens, and both enjoy their daughter’s Color Guard activity! Both Rich and Liz serve in God’s Growing Garden and look forward to leading another Growth Group!

Childcare: No



Day/Time: Monday 6:30pm

Location: 765 Waite Rd., Clifton Park

Leaders: Gerry & Maryann Currier

Gerry and Maryann have been married 35 years. They have an adult daughter and son – Jena and Dillon. They’re both retired and serve on our Guest Services Team! Maryann is artistic and enjoys crafts, Gerry likes to laugh!

Childcare: No

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Day/Time: Tuesday 6:30

Location: 19 Skylark Dr., Ballston Spa

Leader: Jamie Pierce.  Host: Andy & Kristen Burke

Jamie has been a member of the Starpoint Family since 2013. He is married to the fantastically awesome BJ, and they have three phenomenal grown boys (Taylor, Garrett, and Cameron).  They live on Ballston Lake, where they like to boat, enjoy lake life, and give in to every demand of their two Great Pyrenees (Dixie and Savannah).

Childcare: No








Women: Single All Ages & Stages

Day/Time: Wednesdays 6:00-8:00pm

Location: 11 Magnolia Way, Ballston Lake

Leaders/Host: Jenneane Klahr & Cindy Petrillose

Jenneane is a mom, speech language pathologist, and a volunteer in our elementary ministry! She likes listening to music, working out, shopping and baking. She sees no issue with eating dessert for breakfast. Although she loves nature, she’s not outdoorsy since sleeping in a tent at Girl Scout Camp scarred her for life. Cindy is a single mom of 2 teens. At church she helps out with the Guest Services team, Prayer Team, and Kids Ministry..she has a huge heart for helping others in need! They are excited to help women grow spiritually in Growth Group!

Childcare: No

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Parents and Little Stars (Monthly)


Parents and Little Stars (PALS) is a group designed for stay-at-home parents and their children ages 0-5. Playdates are organized monthly and are a great way for parents to connect with others in their life stage while their little ones have fun! You can find upcoming PALS events on our App or Website, or sign up to receive emails about upcoming events!