Growth Groups | Starpoint Church

The Spring Semester begins February 11th and will end the week of April 28th


We are so excited that you are interested in Growth Groups! They will help you get connected with others at Starpoint, and help develop true community within our church. We are confident that you will grow in your relationship with God and passion will be infused into your life if you join one. Don’t worry, no one is going to ask you to share any deep dark secrets, it will simply be a time to laugh, study God’s Word, grow, and pray for each other.

For those of you with children, we want to make it as convenient as we can for you, so childcare will be provided at some groups with no cost to you. Because all of us have very busy schedules, a light dinner will be provided as well.

In a Growth Group you will be prayed for and pray for others, study and ask questions about the Bible, share life together, and serve our community in practical ways.

Church is the last place we should feel alone in a crowd. We all desire to be known and to know others, to move past superficiality into genuine relationships with people who care for us deeply. Community isn’t a luxury of life; it is a necessity. You can’t be all that God wants you to be without it. This is the place its going to happen! This is the place to continue growing on your spiritual journey.  FIND A GROUP FOR YOU TODAY!

We look forward to watching how God blesses our church and your life, as we grow deeper and stronger together.

7 Reasons to Join a Growth Group

1. You’ll understand the Bible better.

2. You’ll feel like a real part of God’s family.

3. Prayer will become more meaningful to you.

4. You’ll be able to better handle stress.

5. It’s a natural, relaxed way to share your faith with others.

6. You’ll develop your leadership skills.

7. You’ll deepen your understanding of worship.