FAQs - Christian Church in Capital District


I absolutely do not believe in God. Am I still welcome?

Yes, you absolutely are welcome. We do expect that you’ll be open to exploring your questions about God and wrestling with what you find. And we do expect you to believe we’re funny. Or at least fake it.

What do I do with my kids?

Beats us. No, seriously, we have a perfect answer: BRING THEM. There’s a place at Starpoint designed specifically for kids—available at all services—where your kids can be surrounded by adults who are committed to a safe, fun environment. It’s where kids can figure out what God and the Bible are all about. (And for teens, it’s called Starpoint Students.)

This doesn’t look like a church.

First of all, that’s not even a question. How about this: “What’s a church supposed to look like?” We think a church is about the people inside—not about the building—so it shouldn’t matter if we look like a former warehouse or a city school. And while you might not find steeples or stained glass around here, there’s no shortage of really authentic people—and free coffee.